Friday 7 October 2016

Hey, look at my new wheels...

My mama-char bike has been on it's last legs for a while, it's had a slow puncture for months, the gears slip, the breaks squeal and my hands get covered in black gunk after holding the handle bars. Sounds great right!

So I decided it was about time I upgraded to a new bike and here she is... brand colours too! It makes such a difference riding a decent bike again.

That said, I threw my bike out last week so I wasn't really up to riding anywhere! A trip to the chiropractor has helped.

Yesterday was the first time I managed to get out and give it a proper spin, I took a 12km ride through the paddies and along the cycle path. Managed to spot the kingfisher, which always brightens my day!

Not the best shot but I was just amused at seeing all these cranes hanging out in one field, maybe the frogs taste good here...

I always for get about this sign on the cycle path but it always makes me laugh when I spot it again, two headed giraffes? Just after crossing her I got sprayed with chemical god-only-knows-what by a stupid farmer. Which meant having a shower as soon as I got in, I was not amused and it kinda put a dampener on my bike ride!

This is my favourite season in Japan so I'm looking forward to more long bike rides!

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