Wednesday 8 February 2017

Heathy Snack Station Treats For Kids

Heathy Snack Station Treats For Kids

As you know Ebi-kun has his Ebi-kun Eats show, so we always have an array of weird and wonderful snacks in the drawer. Generally he record a show a week and I don't want him munching on crap food the rest of the weeks so I try and stock up on healthy snacks.

A Montessori snack station is an area that is set up for kids to be able to prepare their own food. They should have everything they need, from a chopping board and suitable knife, to cups and plates and cutlery.

We used to have a shelf for Ebi-kun but now he is bigger and older he can reach everything he needs in the kitchen.

Here are a couple of snack station ideas, I like that everything si easily accessible here and the an and brush is hanging from the side, perfect for any accidents!

This one is great for spooning too! One thing that I get asked about is whether you should leave all the snacks out or restrict them. For this, it really does depend on the child. My son will just take a scoop full of mix and be done but I know other kids (like me as a child) would polish off the whole box! 

It really is a matter of child by child. If you have more than one child then maybe implementing a colour code system so each child gets their own ration.

Ebi-kun was about 14 months old when he started preparing his own snacks, his first snacks were butchered banana and squeezed to death mini grapes. His knife skills have improved over the years! He started out with a little wooden butter knife which was great for chopping soft fruit like banana and spreading things like jam on bread or crackers.

This one looks good too, depending on the age/ability of the child you might need to pre-slice the apples

There are some fun ideas here, which would fit well with theme study units, but remember if doesn't have to be 'fun' or complicated, mastering making a simple sandwich is a task most kids are happy to do all by themselves. Just give them what they need to do the job. And the best bit is that it always tastes better if you have made it yourself - until you are a mom and you are doing all the cooking, then it always tastes better when someone else cooks!

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