Thursday 2 February 2017

Listen To Languages All Over The World 🌏

🌏 Listen To Languages All Over The World 🌏 

I stumbled upon this great interactive map the other day. I'm sure you and the kids will enjoy it too.

Click through to the page, the click on a country, underneath/to the side depending what you are watching on,  it shows how the name of the country is written in their own language, the countries flag and then if you click on the little faces (make sure your volume is up) you can hear the name of the country in several languages.

Also, if you click the speech bubble icons, you will get s few phrases in whichever language is indicated. Be warned, after clicking around I found some - not-suitable-for-kids phrases, you can flag them which will obviously help keep the site clean.

Some countries also have the national anthem and other extras. You can also add your own recordings to the site, some of the smaller countries don't have much info so it would be great if you can add to it.

This would be great if you are studying a specific country to include with your continent work!

If you are looking for some ideas for continent work, we have "travelled" to these places, see what we got up to... Nigeria, Australia, North America, Antartica, Barbados...

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