Wednesday 5 April 2017

At a loose end...

My husband has to work one Saturday a month so usually Ebi-kun and I go off on an adventure. Well, we were both tired and couldn't be bothered going into Tokyo, I wanted to pop into Flying Tiger so we decided to have a poke around at Saitama Shintoshin instead.

It is one of those places that has a huge arena, so you never know what you might find...

And to be honest, I'm still not sure! There was a big cycling expo on, and all these folk walking around, not really sure why but they were very keen to get their photos taken!

So although it was a pretty unexciting day out, these people did liven it up a little. I totally failed with Flying Tiger, I had gone looking for watercolour paper but they had sold out!

We ended up getting lunch from one of the food stall, not that impressive and somewhat over-priced! We recorded a video for Ebi-kun eats but I'm not sure when it goes live. The boy is in charge of all that!

On our way home we ran into an Oni (devil) from Amori, he didn't look happy!

Then we spotted this little hedge creature when we walked home. It turned out to be one of those days where you leave the house not knowing what the day will bring and get home thinking, I'm not sure I should have bothered!

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