Friday 7 April 2017

Rainy Day Art Session

Shhh don't tell him, but I was secretly pleased when the first day of the holidays was a rainy one. It meant I could take a break from work and instead we could get down and get creative.

I have recently fallen back in love with watercolours and Ebi-kun saw what I was doing and wanted to try too. We watched some hand lettering videos on YouTube then tried our own hand at it.

Not as easy as it looks. The strange thing here is that Ebi-kun HATES calligraphy at school but he happily sat for a couple of hours doing it in English! Maybe I'm nicer than his teacher!

We did seem to take over the whole living room with our creativity, which I don't mind, there is always a time to get messy! I'll share some of the finished pieces when the paint has dried!

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