Saturday 8 April 2017

Time to dream...

The first quarter of the year seemed to be wam, bam, thank you mam!  Working through stuff that I knew had to be done, launches and lots of behind the scenes gubbins.

But I have committed to spending time to create on a regular basis and to be able to do that I need time to dream or day dream. Walks in nature, quiet cups of uninterrupted cups of tea and long soaks in the bath!

And so my new project was born. The name I have owned for a while and the idea has been percolating but I didn't have a clear view of what it would amount to. Having time to just day dream and chatting with my mastermind buddy helped bring it into focus.

So as we lead into Q2 I have new enthusiasm and excitement for something that I know is going to be amazing and I finally feel that I can bring everything together. That I can be the mulitpotentialite I know I am but still have the focus I need to succeed.

I know this all a bit vague but you won't have to wait long... I promise!

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