Friday 5 May 2017

10 Year Bloggaversay

Can you believe it?

On this date, 10 years ago, I published my first blog post here!

So much has happened over that time, so many changes, and yes I'm still here. Pretty impressive for a gal who have never managed more than a week with a diary!

Baby-ebi grew up to become Ebi-kun, we have used Montessori at home beofre kindy, alongside kindy and now after school. Ebi-kun is now fully bilingual and a rock star with his own You Tube Channel.

I had already sold my first ebook before starting the blog but since then, I have opened an Etsy and Crafty stall, been a regular contributor to a top British magazine, contributed to a number of books and many, many blogs including the HuffPo.

I have started my own business, launched 5 courses, written books which became Amazon best sellers. Mentored clients 1:1 and had many masterclasses and ebook along the way. It has been quite the ride!

I have learned a LOT, as a multipotentialite, I tend to jump from topic to topic, diving in deep and filling my brain with all the good stuff.

But best of all, I have met some of the most kind, funny, amazing, ambitious women along the way. I have people that I'm proud to call friends that I have never met in real life, I have friends from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures in countries all over the world.

As a child I dreamed of visiting every country in the world, I still have time to do that but now the experience would be so much richer because I have amazing people to visit in all these places.

So I was thinking of what I could do to celebrate?

Big party? Fancy cake? Trip to a desert island?

Well considering by the time this gets published I will be sunning myself on a small Okinawan island - hopefully sipping cocktails I'd say the celebrations are under way!

But just a minute, that's rather unfair, it is after all, your support over the years that has helped keep this blog going. I would have given up a loooooong time ago if no-one read it!

So as a way of a big thank you, I have put together a short ebook titled "Lessons That Took Me 10 Years The You Can Take In 10 Minutes"

In a nutshell, it is my top tips on how to get ahead in your blog or online business. I've added some questions for you to think about too, so that you can apply each of the lessons to where you are right now. And it is, of course free!

To get your copy, pop your name and email in the box below, once you click to download you will be take to the download page.

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