Tuesday 2 May 2017

I'm in love with Loom!

Today I want to share this new app I have been playing with because I LOVE it. If you are in my tribe, you will know that I love making little video tutorials and Loom makes that even easier!

You can record your desk top, a specific tab or yourself or a combo but the neat thing is that it is stored on Looms cloud so there is no downloading, uploading and waiting around for the video to be processed.

The other great thing is that once you have the Chrome extension installed you can record directly into your gmail account!

I works like a charm and I will most definetly be making more use of this!

This is the link to sign up, it is a referral link and you do need to get a couple of friends to sign up to unlock all the features. I just posted in a couple of FB groups and got it unlocked really quickly!

I actually made this for my In With A Boom gals but I thought I'd share it with you too ;)

Go and have a play then tell me how much you love it!

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