Saturday 29 July 2017

No Need For Photoshop - Get Stencil!

You don't want to miss this!

OK - Last year some of my biz mates got this deal and I missed it, I've been kicking myself ever since BUT the deal is open again, so of course I snapped it up this time!

So what is it?

Stencil is somewhat like Canva, you can make all kinds of posters for all your social media channels.

(This is an affiliate link but I wouldn't be sharing if I didn't thing it was FAB!)

Why is it better than Photoshop and Canva?

Well, Photoshop is great for photo imaging but isn't really making things like posters and it has a hefty price tab.

Canva is similar but is notoriously glitchy and you have to pay for most of the stock images and my biggest gripe is that there is such a limited amount of fonts available.

Canva does have a paid version but it has nothing on the Stencil deal.

So let's get into Stencil... there are a tonne of different templates to use, then you can tweak them to brand them with your own colours and fonts, super easy!

And then... once you have a design set you can duplicate it and auto resize it to twitter, Pinterest etc. Takes a couple of clicks, sometimes you might need to move or resize the text a bit but it is done in a matter of seconds...



And if quote posters float your boat, there a loads of quotes already uploaded, just search for your topic, pick one that you like and select it. Then add an image from the thousands of free stock images...

It has some other bells and whistles that I haven't had chance to play with yet!

I made this quick video to show you inside, this is the first time I had logged in so you will see how easy it is to pick up!

The deal is through Appsumo which means it will only be up for a limited time or until they have filled their quota.

Don't do a Jo, and kick yourself for missing the deal. It's LIFETIME access, no recurring payments!

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  1. They are Sold Out now. I guess we have to wait for another chance. Thanks for the review and heads-up anyway-- 1,000,000 background photos alone would be worth it!


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