Sunday 30 July 2017

Last Day Of Being 11...

As Ebi-kun tends to drag his birthday out for as long as possible, today we went for a "fancy lunch". In the previous 3 years we have been to Jamies Italian but this year the weather has been awful and to be honest, I didn7t fancy traipsing around Manchester in the rain.

So we decided on The Botanist in Alderly Edge. We weren't disappointed.

Mocktail: All the greens, very minty and refreshing!

We decided to share a couple of 'nibbles' the pork scratching were amazing, we could have scoffed a few more! I imagine with beer these would be even better!

We also had the onion petals, a twist on onion rings, also delicious.

Then it was time for the main, my step-brother had recommended the hanging kebabs so Ebi-kun had belly pork and I tried the chicken. It comes hanging with a little dish of dressing that is poured into the dish at the top then it dribbles down over the kebab and onto the bowl of chips underneath.

It was really good, the pork was beautifully tender and the chicken was really tasty. Mom ordered a starter as a main, haddock and egg.

Of course, we had to have pudding too, Ebi-kun had cookie dough and caramel ice-cream. The dough was served in a hot skillet, it was a bit weird, definite comfort food. I had a modern version of banana split, which was OK but nothing to shout about.

All in all, it's a was a great meal. The staff were friendly and attentive and we left full and content!

Ebi-kun gives the place his Ebi-kun Eats Thumbs Up! You can check out the website (not recommended if you are hungry!) HERE and see where they have other locations.

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