Monday 31 July 2017

Out and about between the showers...

The weather had been very odd since we have been here. One minute it's blue skies and quite warm, the next it's peeing down! Ebi-kun has been getting antsy having to stay in all the time so we went for a drive. We first called round to see an old family friend but she wasn't in but we noticed that there is a new play park near her house, so we stopped for a bit of a play.

Then we took a drive up the Moor where I grew up. Top road has some fantastic views but it's so cold and windy, even in the summer! At the other end of the moor are out crops of rocks, where we would spend the days climbing - no equipment or proper training of course! Different times. Ebi-kun was quite put out that we couldn't go wandering through the farmer's fields for a climb, but these days I don't know who owns the fields and I don't fancy getting an angry farmer chasing us down for trespassing!

After all that adventuring we headed home for flirty cake and custard!

This was my favourite pudding at school. Flirty cake is chocolate shortbread but it is hard, really hard, so hard that when you try and break it with your spoon it flirts out of the dish! Of course, it has to be served with hot custard, at school we had green custard, I'm not sure if it was actually mint but it was most definitely green.

This wasn't green custard, more like posh Madagascar vanilla! And the flirty cake was great but not quite flirty enough.

It always takes me a few days to wind down after we get here so it was good to have a few days with nothing really planned. A bit of shopping and a lot of eating!! Catching up with friends and family.

The next couple of weeks will be more hectic...

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