Sunday 30 July 2017

And we have a 12 year old in the house...

And the birthday celebrations continue!

It was a quiet morning and he asked to open his presents before the family arrived, he got some great goodies, his favourite football player...

ebi-kun 12th birthday - Ronaldo - jojoebi-designs

And now he has BUSINESS CARDS for Ebi-kun eats, and a biz card holder to keep them in!

ebi-kun 12th birthday -business cards - jojoebi-designs

And of course the annual T-shirt, this year's theme is for Ebi-Kun eats... Taste Bud Explorer...

ebi-kun 12th birthday - t-shirt - jojoebi-designs

And the year on the back. I can see I am going to have to make these until the end of my days :)

ebi-kun 12th birthday - t-shirt - jojoebi-designs

After present opening, we had to pop down to the shops to get party food, standard 70's birthday party fayre - party rings, ice-gems, sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple, hot dogs on sticks. Sadly mom didn't have the space to be able to do jelly and ice-cream!

Early afternoon the extended family descended upon us, I can't believe how much they have all grown, 2 of the kids are now taller than me and I know that's not difficult, I'm not very tall but they are still KIDS!

Of course, D had to get out Fluffy The Snake, my mom is snake sitting whilst my brother is away, so this was some party entertainment,,,

ebi-kun 12th birthday - Dec - jojoebi-designs

Chrissie was ever so brave until Fluffy started moving...

ebi-kun 12th birthday - Chrissie - jojoebi-designs

I didn't have time to make a cake and I don't think mom has pans and the such like anymore so Ebi-kun picked what he wanted in the supermarket. He doesn't like the pre-made novelty cakes, too sweet! He chose a lemon tart and a tiramisu, strange combo but there we are. 

ebi-kun 12th birthday - Cake - jojoebi-designs

I didn't get photos of them doing pass-the-parcel but the did decorate their own gingerbread men. This was a kit from Tesco, 5 men in the box. I grabbed an extra box of sprinkles because it didn't look like much in the pack. All the kids got into it. It is hard to believe that there are just 4 months between A (in pink) and Ebi-kun! 

ebi-kun 12th birthday - gingerbread men - jojoebi-designs

Even teenage boys will decorate gingerbread men!

ebi-kun 12th birthday - gingerbread men - jojoebi-designs

ebi-kun 12th birthday - gingerbread men - jojoebi-designs

M spent ages on her masterpiece, getting just the right colour flowers in just the right place! Hers was apparently a flower fairy-gingerbread man!

ebi-kun 12th birthday - gingerbread men - jojoebi-designs

That left the kids all hopped up on sugar! Wouldn't be a kids party if they weren't hahaha - I have no guilt about this, we don't really "do" kids birthday parties in Japan so it was a cultural experience!

ebi-kun 12th birthday - gingerbread men - jojoebi-designs

Everyone had fun, no tears! And Ebi-kun loved hanging out with his cousins, hopefully, we will catch up with some of them again before we leave.

What I haven't mentioned is the Ebi-kun eats video we recorded, we will get them up soon as possible because it's a birthday special and maybe the best one yet...

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