Tuesday 6 March 2018

Homeschool Update...

To be honest, I haven't got much to update about!

So last time I talked about filling the forms in at city hall. That is about it really. We haven't heard anything else, which does have me a tad worried, you know how much the Japanese love red tape and bureaucracy!

Ebi-kun told his class teacher that he was going to homeschool fro junior high. At first, sensei was OK, if that's what you want to do. But then a few days later he said to Ebi-kun that he didn't think it was "allowed" that he had to go to school. Hubby has explained all the rules to Ebi-kun in Japanese so that he can answer all these types of questions which no doubt will come up in the future.

Last week the 6th graders were going for a tour of the junior high, any kids that are not going to that school were allowed to go home instead. There are a handful of students that will go to private JH schools and of course, Ebi-kun. I had to go and pick him up, so whilst the rest of the kids are touring the school, we went for ice-cream #homeschoollife!

ebi-kun easting ice-cream jojoebi-designs

We then popped to the supermarket so he could pick up the ingredients to cook dinner, I'm telling you, I'm loving this already!

The other thing that has come up, Ebi-kun currently goes to football school once a week and wanted to continue but there is no JH age class. On Saturday he had a make-up class so afterwards I suggested we did a very un-Japanese thing and ask if they can let him join a class next year (the year starts April).

We had a long chat with the coaches and explained what was happening and why he couldn't join the JH team, had to explain a bit about homeschooling and they were absolutely lovely about it.

They suggested he joined a class for the next couple of weeks which is a higher level than the one he is in now to see if he liked that kind of training and they would talk to the head coach to see about him being allowed to join a class or if there is enough interest to start a JH class.

They said that they really wanted to support us and would try and work something out.

Ebi-kun was chuffed to bits so it's fingers crossed now that they are good to their word and do work something out.

Ebi-kun will keep doing his aikido and he has been trying the bouldering club out too so I think if we can keep the football in the mix he should have enough to keep him busy out of the house. (and me!)

I will keep you posted on what happens next, it's very much a see-how-it-goes type of adventure!

If you are homeschooling too, let me know!


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