Wednesday 11 September 2019

Where we are with our homeschool journey

Term time starts in April here, we took August off so this is where we are this September:

⭐️ Core subjects, grade 3 Junior High. Maths, Japanese and science he uses @study sapuri and studies in Japanese, although he also uses Khan Academy for maths because he doesn't like the Japanese math teacher.

⭐️ English, he reads daily, has a workbook which we work through together and is doing a creative writing class on Outschool this term.

⭐️ French, after 300 days of Spanish he decided to switch to French, he does the daily lessons on Duolingo. Once he has the basics down we will look for a conversation class for him.

⭐️ Humanities, High School he is about 1/2 way through those so he will just continue with them. (in Japanese using Study Sapuri)

⭐️ Game theory - he has gotten really interested in this the last couple of months and has been researching it so we signed him up for a course on Coursera to go deeper into that. (research in Japanese, course is in English)

⭐️ Culinary arts, still a favourite, he is working through all the chefs on MasterClass and experimenting a lot in the kitchen. (mostly English)

⭐️ PE - he does aikido twice a week and goes climbing 3 times and does training at home to build muscle for climbing.

⭐️ Coding - Lego Mindstorms EV3 with Zedkai and they also do classes debating various topics and live lectures. (Japanese)

⭐️ Occasional classes with JUNEC (Japanese)

⭐️ Art - I signed up for a course on Domestika and he has been joining in.
I think that is it! Looks like a lot but some of these are just once or twice a month. He is enjoying being able to pick and mix whatever he wants to study and to be able to learn at his own pace.

Ebi-kun is happy, I would say the only downside is that he doesn't see his friends so much now, we knew this would happen and unfortunately, there are not many homeschoolers his age around.

boy bouldering hanging upside down on a bouldering indoor wall

We have developed a routine, he does the bulk of his studying in the morning and I work, we stop for lunch and after we have eaten we will watch a TED talk or Masterclass. Then we will go bouldering or do something together or he will work on a project. In the evening he meets online with his mates and plays and generally hangs out normal teenage boy stuff!

And that is it.

I've been missing the blog, so I plan to pop by more often, I miss just sitting down first thing and banging out a blog post! TBH my work blog is a lot of work, I have to consider keywords and SEO, getting the right title and all that jazz, really sucks the fun out of things!

So over here it will just be my rambles and rants, like the good old days!

If you are reading, please drop me a comment, I'd love to re-connect with my old followers

Keep being wonderful,


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