Friday, 10 August 2007

Fruit cards and plane packs

I used elleryolivia's inside activity kit idea to make a pouch for my 3 part fruit cards and a plane kit. I didn't actually have any placemats to I basically made a placemat then folded it over and sewed where I needed pockets. This was so much quicker than the art cards pouch that I made but some of the stitching is not so straight because I was watching PrisonBreak at the same time. Oops, very exciting though.
For the cards I used some of the images that Meg has on her boxnet site, a couple are my own the rest I scoured google to find. The apple material was a bit of a find and so I just had to use it for this.

This is a drawing activity set for the plane journey, I found the plane material in my scraps draw, which I actually sorted out this week.

And this was the last little bag, I had bought some pipe things that fit together which I am hoping will keep him busy when he is fed up of drawing.

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