Monday, 29 October 2007

colour tablets (shopping game)

Baby Ebi can already match the 2nd set of colour tablets with no problem so I introduced him to ext. 2 (I think it is ext 2). Anyway, he lays one set of the colours out on the floor, top to bottom then the other cards get put randomly in the next room. He has to see which is the first colour then go and fetch the corresponding one from the other room, put it in his little basket then place it next to the first tablet. If he picks up the wrong colour he has to take it back and bring the correct one. It sounds quite simple but for a two year old, he sometimes forgets what he has gone in the other room for hahahaa (happens to us all!)

We have also done this exercise with other cards such and the fruit and art cards.

cards laid out on the floor

going to look for the next card

bringing the card in his basket

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