Sunday, 14 October 2007

Long Time No See

Blimey, it seems like ages since I got on here. We had a great trip to the UK and I spent very little time on the computer/net hence the lack of posts. I will try and fill in the blank time when I get the chance. My mates wedding was fantastic, very special and she looked gorgeous or in BabyEbi's words "Auntie Di beautiful"
We visited lots of friends and family, BabyEbi tried loads of new foods, I filled my boots on all my favourite foods - and yes came back 3 stone heavier :o(
We got back to Japan on Tuesday and jetlag hit me hard, didn't sleep AT ALL for 3 days then the forth night I managed to drop off only to be awoken by a man eating mozzie chewing on my leg AGHHHHHHH. Mr Ebi was working hard when we were away and almost finished BabyEbi's room so we made a big deal about it when we came back and moved him straight into his new room. He has always slept with us so it was quite a big thing but I figured he was already a bit confused with all this moving around and sleeping in different places so now was a good a time as any, he was a bit upset the first night but he is fine now.
Mr Ebi also recorded all my fav TV shows for the 4 weeks we were away so I have been playing catch up and since he is away for a few days I just sat glued to the TV last night- not very productive really.
I finished BabyEbi's 'cave' for his room today and managed to get curtains and bedding sorted in our room, so we are getting there - slowly. The spare room is still filled with boxes but at least the desks are finished now so I can sort the books and stuff out, I think we will order a shed this week so that will mean we can move some of the crap (you know, the stuff you need to keep but don't really want in the house) can go in there. We also have to decide on the exterior of the house, I want a big deck and Mr Ebi wants a lawn so there might be a battle on the horizon....

Montessori wise we haven't done much, I had an idea of setting up a swapshop blog so I have been trying to do that (it's not like I haven't got enough on my plate at the moment :o) ). I'll put up a special post when I have got it set up - bare with me, I'll get there eventually, that is if I don't get distracted with Amy Karol's book "Bend The Rules Sewing" which I picked up in the UK.

I am also supposed to be coming up with an idea to produce some income (trying to steer clear of teaching English) any ideas are welcome!!

I suppose I should get something done.........
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