Tuesday, 6 November 2007

another rainy day - soft tree project

I stumbled across soft trees flickr group
the other day and thought, what a nice idea. So when we got up today and realised it was going to be an indoors day I thought
we would have a go at making one. I found some green fabric and cut a circle out of it then a cone shape, making sure that the bottom edge of the cone was slightly longer than the circumference of the circle. Cut it out, sewed up the edge then sewed the circle to the bottom edge, leaving a gap to turn it the right side out. Is this making sense?
BabyEbi then helped me stuff it then as he had his snack I sewed up the hole that was left for the stuffing and dug out some suitable bits to decorate the tree with...a beautiful result, I think - but then I am biased!

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