Friday, 25 January 2008


Well, the snow turned to rain and now it has all gone.
This morning I got an email to say my friend Mel has had a baby girl, CONGRATULATIONS   Mel, although, since this is baby number 3 I can't imagine she will have time to be reading my ramblings.
The workmen returned yesterday and got the rest of the patio laid and build the little wall for the little 'garden' area. I am thing of cultivating weeds in there (not THAT kind of weed!) since they are about the only kind of plant I can't kill, I am not a green fingered type of gal. BabyEbi told me yesterday that he wants to grow carrots, mini tomatoes, broccoli, udon and a pie tree, specifically an apple pie tree, any help with thoses requests would be much appreciated, especially the last two.
His language development never ceases to amaze me, he constantly asks what things are in both languages, if he knows what it is in English he will ask for the translation, his Japanese level is better than mine! He has been watching the workmen through the window and asking me what they are doing or the names of the tools, no problem in English but I have no idea what things like angle grinder is in Japanese. Babyebi has got to the point where he constructs full sentences in one language or the other, he also knows which of his books are English and which are Japanese, I am not allowed to touch, let alone read a Japanese book, same with daddy and the English books. A conversation  we had yesterday...

me: what are you doing?
B.E. : baking a cake
me: is that the oven?
B.E. : yes, very hot, don't touch.
me: ok, how long does it have to stay in the oven?
B.E. : hmmm, 2 months
me: Oh right, what temperature is the oven at?
B.E. : hmm the right temperature desho (right)
hahahaha he cracks me up.

Yesterday I made my first Wee Wonderful, I have kind of fallen for her, I don't think I can give this one away.

I also bit the bullet and cut up a couple of the kimono I have had in the closet. My sister-in-laws gran passed away a couple of years ago and they found a pile of kimono in her house when they were clearing it out. She knows I like sewing so she gave me the damaged ones to use for my projects. Now call me daft but it has taken my 2 years to pluck up the courage to cut them up. They are all hand sewn and lined with really fine silk. I tried to made a 'wee' with some fabric from a kimono jacket but I think the fabric was too fine as it look more like a wee sack of potatoes.
She also gave me this beautiful black hand painted silk obi which I have no idea what to do with. I just get it out every now and then to look at it.

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