Sunday, 12 October 2008

Shop Update!!

Loads of new goodies in the shop Kimono Pony Bands, Kimono Buttons and kawaii fabric and Christmas fabric

Plus...just the one Montessori Kitchen Set

Grab it while you can :o)

***2 more sets have just gone into the shop***

I am running a couple of workshops next week so I will be adding felt brooch kits soon too.


  1. Hi, that kitchen set is cute, but I wouldn't let kids handle the grater. I am quite capable of hurting myself there, thank you! What do you think? Is it really safe?

  2. Ebi-kun has used it but only with strick supervision. It is sharp but it is also tiny so it is hard to get the same pressure like you do with a big one.
    I think it depends very much on the child but yes, should be used under supervision.


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