Sunday, 14 December 2008

Muffin Tin Dinner - Christmas version

This weeks theme for the MTD Challenge was Christmas, so here is ours, it was fun doing this one, he might get a Christmas one again next week :o)
What I like about these challenges is how to make an interesting and healthy balanced meal, it is easier with a 12 hole tin because I can fill 4-5 with carbs then 3 with protein and the rest with fruit & veg.

Snowman made of rice balls, face and buttons are nori, the hat is carrot and the snowballs are cauliflower. 
Toast christmas trees with green pesto and corn decorations. Cheese presents under the tree.
Kiwi holly and smarties berries
carrot starts and corn sprinkles (OK, lost inspiration and ran of time on this bit!)
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