Saturday, 5 December 2009


I made these last year, they are strung up along the bannister on the stairs. Last year I wrapped fabric all around the banister so it looked like a giant candy cane but it was a bit of a faff and even more to to get it off so I was just going to leave it with a bit of ribbon. Ebi-kun had other plans so we ended up with a load of tinsel, I am not a fan of tinsel, I hate touching it!

The numbers are on the back of the little discs, I put a gift and an activity to do for the day in each one. last year we used Muji's cities in a bag pieces as the gift, this year I bought the jumbo pot of pens and I am putting a couple in a day, sometimes I put a chocolate in, to keep him on his toes :o). Talking of Muji, I also have a set of the new cool Muji Lego which is maybe more for me LOL.

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I have decided, if I get 200 or more entries I will add another prize

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