Monday, 14 December 2009

Salt Dough Ornaments

One of the advent activities we have had was to make salt dough ornaments and this year were the most successful ones yet. This is the recipe I used:

2c plain flour
1/2c salt
1/2 - 3/4 c hot water

basically mix all together to make a dough. This made quite a lot so we just used half. Wrap any that you are not using in cling film to stop it drying out. I picked up some tips this year from reading different blogs but now I can't remember where I read what, so a general thank you to everyone who has made these ornaments and blogged about it.
This year we tried rolling the dough on grease proof paper, I had to hold it as he rolled because it slipped about otherwise. This meant though that we could roll the dough quite thin. We cut them out and removed the excess from around the shape. We also cut designs into the main shape using my bento cutters.
I then slid the grease proof paper onto a plate and microwaved the shapes, it took about 5 minutes on 600W for about 8 shapes, I did leave one lot in too long and burnt a couple, so keep an eye on them. I also turned them over half way through. As I took the first lot out to cool, Ebi-kun set to work on the second batch.
We coloured them using felt tip pens, which I found worked better than paints, last year some of the ornaments went soggy when we painted them. Then I varnished them all with a clear varnish, we left them to dry over night.
The next day he went to town with the glitter glue and once they were dry we threaded ribbon through and hung them on the tree.

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