Saturday, 19 December 2009

Thank you!

For all the birthday wishes, I had a lovely day yesterday, we went to the art museum, I will post pictures later, the camera battery is re-charging as I write.

Uncle Dave has answered the rig questions, so I will put up the next rig-watch post as soon as I get the time, apparently the weather is a bit choppy out there at the moment!

Some people have emailed me to say they are having problem with the voting, getting a 'you already voted' page before they actually voted. I can't actually link to the voting page, you have to go via the Spoonflower blog and the link is in the text UNDER the picture. I asked the staff at Spoonflower about the problem, they said to try a different browser, I'm not sure if it is a specific browser that is causing the problem. Anyway, you have until Tuesday to try again, why not pop over now *cheeky wink*

As I did NOTHING yesterday I am playing catch up today, I will try and get back later, no promises as we are off to see the ice candles this evening then I have a gals night out to go to.

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Thank you!
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