Thursday, 21 January 2010

Craft Hope for Haiti

Just a quick update, Craft Hope for Haiti is going great guns, it is amazing, they are already on the way to hit the $10,000 mark, all in just a few days!
The two amazing women behind Craft Hope both have small kids at home and are working around the clock to get items posted, if you have bought/donated something, please be patient. I have sold two patterns but I am now waiting for the buyers info.
There are new items being listed all the time, anyone with an Esty shop knows that it takes a good while to list things, 5 pages of info to fill in for each item! So, keep popping back and see what you can pick up, there is most definitely something for everyone!

On a completely different note, thank you for your replies to this post, I have already started on the quest for great images :o).

I have also been sewing up a storm but they are gifts so I can't show you just yet!

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  1. Thanks for introducing us to Craft Hope for Haiti. I love the idea and it's the perfect way for me to contribute. Toodles!


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