Wednesday, 6 January 2010

First MTD of 2010

We kind of fell off the MTD wagon for a while, last month was a bit manic and we have been eating a lot of soups and stews which don't really make for good MTD's. But Santa did bring us some new muffin pots and just look how cute they are!

So last night, I made the first MTD of the year and it was demolished rather quickly :o)
The green pot to the left has pasta, the pink pot at the front is tomato and avocado, the green pot to the right had mini sausages and cheese cubes and the back pot has apple and a gingerbread man. I actually suspect that the gingerbread people are breeding since we have given a load away and we have eaten a load but there are still a load in the box - very odd!

If you are wondering what on earth a MTD is then pop over here for the lowdown.
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