Friday, 12 February 2010


I was on twitter last night and saw a tweet that caught my eye, it soon became one of the top trending topics. Hidden Eloise, an indie artist was accusing Paperchase of stealing her artwork. You can read the post here and see the artwork being discussed. I noticed that this morning Paperchase have made a public statement and it looks like artwork agency they use are more to blame. I hope it all gets sorted out.
This type of thing really annoys me especially since the little guys have no way to take on massive companies such as Paperchase, there is the option to sue but that alone costs and arm and a leg. I am glad to see that in this case the power of the little people joining together and supporting one another can hopefully make a difference. It also proves that Twitter is not just a place to share what you had for breakfast and can infact be a powerful tool for the indie community.
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