Sunday, 21 March 2010

A New Shirt....

Well it took me a while, no thanks to the stinking cold, but I finally cracked on with it yesterday and it all went together quite easily and it fit when I finished! I used Cal Patches book to draft the pattern, I have no idea what I did the first time but the muslin didn't fit at all, so I started again. Much better second time round. It needs a little bit of tinkering, nothing major and it is certainly wearable as it is but the next one I will play with the pattern a little bit. This one ended up being a short sleeved shirt because I didn't have quite enough fabric to make the full sleeve.
So, another thumbs up from me for Design-it-Yourself clothes. Next is another shirt but something a bit less casual that I can get away with wearing at Ebi-kuns opening ceremony at yochien. The trauma of what to wear, formal or not formal, black or spring colours, designer handbag or erm not! I have decided not to stress about it, I have never followed stupid uniform rules before and I am not about to start now, if they are lucky I won't dye my hair blue to match my shirt Ha! I might even make the effort not to wear joggies and a sloppy T-shirt, my uniform of choice :o)


  1. love the shirt! Seeing the button facing gave me huge traumatic flashbacks of my year 9 home economics teacher wielding her unpicker though... shudder!

    And go you on the entrance ceremony wear!!

    After a lot of faffing and freaking and trying to find a flattering skirt here I decided to hell with it and I'm wearing black slacks and a bright pink shirt. Why not?

    Glad to hear I'll have a sister in (social) crime!

  2. I can sort you out with some hair dye to match that shirt if you like, I reckon if we are going to stick out like a sore thumb, might as well go the whole hog LOL.

  3. yay! the shirt looks amazing! you did a great job and the fabric is lovely too. the beauty of making your own patterns is that you can tweak them every time you use them...


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