Friday, 21 May 2010

another question....

Thank you to everyone who looked over my new improved site and leaving me feedback. I think I have fixed all the typos (I prefer to call them that than spelling mistakes lol). Now, I have another question....

For the website package I am using I can only offer the items for sale in one currency and I only accept payment through Paypal. Using Paypal, there is no problem to pay in a currency different to your own, they do the converting.

For me, it is better if I sell my goods in Japanese yen but I am worried that if I do that, it will put people off buying since many are not familiar with the yen and so at present I sell in US$.

So, if you were browsing through my shop and wanted to buy something would it put you off if the item was priced in Japanese yen?

Would you be more comfortable if there was a rough conversion rate in the description for example if the item was priced at ¥1000

¥1000 = $11.00, ₤7.80, €9.00, Aus$13.80
prices quoted are rough guide

What do you think? all feedback welcome, thanks!
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