Friday, 13 August 2010

The family Tree

I showed you a sneak peek of this a while back when I was still working on it. It was my nana's 90th birthday, and what does someone get a 90 year old for their birthday? Well, I decided to make a family tree, the apples are my grandparents names and the leaves are all the offspring, I was a bit worried that I might miss someone, there is one leaf missing because I have a new baby cousin and although she arrived early, my uncle and aunt spent almost 2 weeks trying to decide on a name so I didn't have time to add her. No worries, I have made an extra leaf and my mom is going to sew it on.
I sent the tree to my mom who found some metal rods to run through the top and bottom to hang it, once the new baby is added I will ask her to take a picture of it hanging properly. I stamped the names onto the leaves then hand sewed them to the linen back. The trunk detail I hand sewed and sewed the family name into the trunk, not easy to see on the photo.
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