Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Like mother, like son....

Today is the first day back at yochien, well half days until Friday so I told Ebi-kun that he needed to get all his things ready, including all his homework, I went off to do something and heard him shout 'how do you spell castle'? Confused, since he was supposed to be getting all his bits together, I went to investigate and this is what I found....

His 'To Do' list, he kindly put on dog photos for me so I wouldn't for get to do it and obviously building a lego castle and playing on the Wii are important things to do too. Lol.

For yochien he was sent home with a calendar where he had to record the weather every day and put a sticker in every day he brushed his teeth. We were also supposed to give him a chores to do each day to get a sticker but since he already does chores we didn't bother and just let him have the stickers. Then there were a couple of crafts and some cutting and sticking to do. He also had to take in a project or some art that he has done over the summer for them to display at the art show, he decide he wanted to take his African mask that he made and picked out a handful of pictures. The parents also got homework, we have to write a piece for the yochien yearbook, hubby did that, thank you!

I am not sure I agree with all this homework palaver but it does prepare them for school here and I do like the idea of preparing the child for life rather than just throw them in at the deep end. How about where you are, do kindy kids get summer homework to do?
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