Sunday, 16 January 2011

Christmas day

We have a tradition when it comes to opening presents, all the presents are put under the tree then the youngest person goes and picks a present, we read the label and then give the present to the correct person, everyone watches as they open their gift, when they have finished the next youngest person picks a present and so on. Sometimes this system lasts all day or it has even me known to last two days.
Ebi-kun got a complete outfit including a sword, shield and helmet but not a bow and arrow.
 Christmas dinner was lovely, not sure if my mom is sleeping or praying on this picture.
 Ebi-kun loved the Christmas pudding and resorted to licking the plate (allowed on Christmas day ;o) )
 Which thanks to Tom it ended up on his face
 Since the only thing missing from Ebi-kuns outfit was a bow and arrow, Daniel went rummaging in the garden and made one out of a garden cane, so Ebi-kun suddenly decided that Uncle Daniel was alright after all - kids are so fickle!
Christmas night ended with a lot of drunken adults playing quiz night, badly I should add!
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