Tuesday, 12 April 2011

TEPCO letters update

Last week I asked for any Japanese speakers who wanted to, to write a letter of encouragement/thanks to the TEPCO and TODEN KOGYO workers who are working on stabilizing the nuclear plant in Fukushima. I collected all the letters and messages and sent them on to J-san. J-san's husband is the head of Putzmeister Japan and responsible for supplying the enormous pumps that they are using to cool the reactors down.
J-san collected two folders full of letters and handed them over to A-san who had come down from Fukushima to have extra training so that they can now use an even bigger pump. A-san has taken the letters back to the camp and hopefully he and his co-workers can read them on their time off and know that we are behind them in this difficult time.
A-san receiving letters from J-san
This is a picture of the first pump, it is 62m tall, the new one is 70m and one of only 3 in the world.

J-san sees this as a long term project so if you didn't have chance to write a letter last time you can still send them to me and I will pass them on.

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