Saturday, 10 September 2011

food preserving - on the learning curve...

Nashi are in season again and there are a lot of nashi orchards nearby but because we are being cautious about where we source our food we have been buying ones grown further afield. One of my favourite jams is nashi and lemon, it is light and refreshing, perfect for the end of summer, the recipe is here but this time I halved the amount of water and put the pips in a muslin bag and boiled it with the fruit so the jam has set better than usual.

Thursday I gave the pantry a re-organise and cleared one of the shelves so that I can keep all the jars on there, I took the preserved lemons that I made last week out of the other cupboard and...

hmmm, obviously I cocked up somewhere! 

Now, I have a question, when I was a kid and my mom and gran made jams and chutneys they would recycle jars, sterilise them, fill them up with the preserve, put in a wax circle over the preserve and screw on the lid. When I asked mom about this she agreed but then let it slip that sometimes there would be a bit of mold on the top when they opened the jar so she would just scrape it off! Urm, is that safe mom? Well you are not dead are you so I guess so!
Anyway, the book I bought and when I have been reading about canning online many people use the split lids and boil the jars with the lid on after they are filled, is this a new method? Is it safer than the ole scrape the mold off the top method? Are there any preserve making experts out there reading this?
Up until now I have just made a couple of small jars and it gets eaten pretty quickly but I would like to make bigger batches, any advice is welcome!
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