Saturday, 15 October 2011

Halloween Poetry Basket...

One of the ideas talked about in Playful learning was a poetry basket so last night I made up a poetry basket for Ebi-kun using poems from the big poetry book that we read before bed some nights. Scrolls are the 'thing' of the moment so rather than give him the sheets I rolled them up with a bit of string! So, in the basket is...
The white scroll has a poem with words missing, the words are at the bottom of the page for him to fill in.
The orange scroll is a sheet for him to write his own poem.
The purple scroll is a spell where he has to fill in the blanks with his own ideas.
The orange strips are a poem puzzle
Some stickers for decorating.
The white paper has the completed poems so he can check his answers.

This is something I used to do in class all the time when I was teaching, I printed out the poem then cut it into strips, shuffled them then had him put them into order. This is one of his favourite poems so I didn't read it to him first, I just sat back to see how much he could figure out. After I made this I had a look in Playful Learning to see if there were other poetry ideas and this is the one she suggested.

I was never a fan of poetry at school but I think it was the stale way that it was presented, yet poetry is an important part of language learning. Of course nonsense poems are very popular round here but we do slip in some sensible once too.
If you want to make your own Halloween poetry basket you can download the file HERE. For those who teach ESL you will be able to use it in class too.
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