Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Moving pictures....

Since I got my new iPhone I have been exploring lots of apps that just didn't work on my old one. Hands down Cinemagram is my favourite. The app basically allows you to make a hybrid between a photo and a movie, the most effect ones are those that look like a photo but one small area in the image is moving, and just like a Blue Peter presenter would say... 'Here are some I prepared earlier'

This one is cool but a bit spooky somehow, the app also has filters so you can get that old feel to your images.

colour spinner by jojoebi

This is just silly, I asked Ebi^kun to over exaggerate his toothbrushing, he looks like he is trying to kill them!

teeth destroyer by jojoebi
And yes, not even daddy-ebi gets out of my experimentation, the poor guy doesn't even get to have a nice relaxing beer without me poking a camera in his face - it must such fun living with me lol!

the beer drinker by jojoebi

If you use this app let me know, I feel a bit like Billy-no-Mates on there at the moment, I am, of course jojoebi so I should be easy to track down.
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