Tuesday, 24 July 2012

On being a worry wart...

Yesterday Ebi-kun and I looked at our schedule and worked out the best time to do homework, my work and when to play, when to do housework and when to do projects. I think whilst the holidays are on we will do this every morning. I have my work related items already in google cal so we just added his homework and play date arrangements then we both can see what we have to do and when. Worked pretty well yesterday, let's see how the rest of the week goes.

So, yesterday he had already arranged a play date with his new best friend S-kun. They arranged to meet in the little park down the road. I feel that at 6 almost 7 Ebi-kun is not old enough to be wandering the streets alone so I go down to the park with him, I took some work and sat on the bench out of the way. All was well for 30 minutes or so but then S-kun was fed up of some of the other boys and just ran off, the other boys chased him, one ran straight into the road when a car had to slam it's brakes on to miss him - the boys, clueless. The mom's? out of the 5 boys there were 2 moms in the park but they were with the little siblings and didn't bat an eye at the car incident. Ebi-kun had stayed in the park but wanted to play with S-kun, who came back about 10 mints later. So I laid down the law, they could play in the park or at one of the houses but I wasn't having Ebi-kun running round the streets. The boys decided to play at S-kun's house and the incident was over.

I am fine with Ebi-kun playing on the street our house is on or playing down the road with other friends, the tendency is to play in front of one of the kids houses but playing at the park and running round the streets without adult supervision I am really not comfortable with but it seems like once the kids get into first grade they are allowed to run wild.

Now I'm not sure if I am being over protective and a worry wart or it is one of those Japanese things I have yet to get my head around. What is it like where you like? Do first graders get to wander the streets unsupervised?
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