Monday, 8 April 2013

Ebi-kun's photography challenge....

At the end of spring break we were at a loose end so I came up with a plan - I gave Ebi-kun some camera related challenges to do, it was a lovely day so we packed a picnic and headed down to the park.

When I get a bit of free time I will write up the projects properly for you, I am sure other kids out there with cameras would enjoy it just as much. I must admit, Ebi-kun was rolling his eyes and saying he wasn't really interested - until he started doing them. Before school this morning, he even asked if we could go again this afternoon!

There were 4 challenges, all designed to help him use the camera better and take more interesting photographs, and here are a few of the best shots - he took 75 in all and he was really excited to see them uploaded and make a slideshow for daddy.


  1. Very cool Ebi-Kun! Love them, especially the light blue spiral slide :) BIG cheers from us!

  2. He is a true artist. I'd love to know more about the challenges. One day we did textures and lines, but never followed through on that :)

    1. I intended to follow up on this but it totally slipped my mind! I think the follow up to his one was macro.


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