Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lyme Park With Friends

After yesterdays crazy weather I was a bit dubious about going to the park again but we asked the big U to be kind and the weather turned out to be lovely. We actually spent the whole time in the play area, bar lunch!

It's a great play area, climbing and crawling and other such nonsense, I-chan shouting to daddy...

They has a great area for building dens, so the boys spent ages making a den...

It was funny, last year it took them a while to warm up and chat but this time they were straight in and off they went. Lesley's husband, Paul was being dragged around by I-chan, my mom went off to the cafe to read her book and that left me and Lesley to have a good chinwag.

After lunch we went back to the park, they boys went and worked a bit more on their den. The park is actually massive, there are is a deer reserve and a big house to see to too but the kids weren't bothered, they were happy just to play.

G and I gave Ebi-kun a Dr Who sonic screwdriver which was a big hit. It was lovely chatting with Lesley, you know when you with a good friend because it feels like yesterday when you were last chatting with them!

Now we know about this place we will have to go and explore more next time. I managed to catch the sun but because I was wearing my sun glasses I look like and inverted panda! Joy!

So tomorrow we are headed down south to stay with Di for a week, can't wait to see what shenanigans we will be getting up to...

More info on Lyme Park HERE

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