Thursday, 30 October 2008

Playgroup Halloween Party

We belong to an English speaking playgroup, it is open to any child who has at least one foreign parent and use English as a bilingual language. Most of the kids are 'hafu' (Japanese for half Japanese and half something else) but we do have a few kids that have 2 foreign parents. I joined the group when Ebi-kun was just 6 weeks old and was SO glad I found it. Not only is it great for the kids it is a good support network for parents, raising kids in a foreign land is not an easy job (not that it is easy anywhere!) If you live in the Omiya area and would like to join, drop me a line.
Back to the party.... because there was too much going on the weekends before and after Halloween night we decided to have the party on a Wednesday afternoon, many of the kids have a half day at Kindy on a Wednesday so it meant the big kids could come too. All the kids, even the smallest babies were dressed up, so cute, I haven't posted a picture because I didn't get permission from everyone, I know some people don't like pics of their kids splashed all over the WWW. But, here is my little wizard......

He hat was store bought but I made the cape, yes is he holding a ladle, he had just dropped his eyeball! Everyone bought an activity and some decorations, it was more cute than scary and the room we were in have 2 doors so we sent the kids door to door to do 'trick and treat'.
Ebi-kun LOVED it and was full off it until he crawled into bed - that and the sugar rush I think :o).
It is my workshop today, fingers crossed it all goes well....

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  1. Hi! I live in Saitama - Urawa. My daughter is 2 1/3yo. I would like to know more about your English play-group! My e-mail is: ryukim2001 at yahoo dot com



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