Friday 31 October 2008

The Workshop

Yesterday went really well and was a lot of fun. Ebi-kun was chuffed too because one of the other crafters, known as Moon,  (scroll down to see what has been going on) bought her son along too and the the boys really like each other. Needless to say, I saw little of Ebi-kun all day - except for the nose bleed incident .
I had made up bilingual kits for most of the brooches so there were in a basket in the  shop then for the workshop the customer chose which one they wanted to make and I supplied the felt and notions. I had 4 people join the class and the actual brooch making took much longer than anticipated, one customer was a complete sewing novice but everyone seemed happy. The shop is actually the front room of a house so we did the workshop in what would be the living room and the kids (including some of the customers kids) ran riot round the rest of the house! Yoshiko-san did the interpreting when needed and prepared the 'English tea' for the customers, she is very out-going and funny so it was easy to get the class relaxed and chatting in English. Everyone seemed happy with their finished brooch and Kym managed to sell 12 of my kits to boot :o).
I completely forgot to take any pictures though except for this one of the two best mates, I love that they are wearing matching 'capes'....

I have really enjoyed meeting the other crafters and getting to know some like minded Japanese ladies, Ebi-kun has enjoyed having some new friends too, we will be having a crafter and kids picnic next month, I am looking forward to it already!

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