Friday 31 October 2008

Rome was not built in a day......

But the house diagonally behind ours was! The foundations had been laid and they started putting up the scaffolding the previous day. Ebi-kun was beside himself because he could watch a big crane in action, this photo was taken at 8.53am

And this one at 3. 41pm THE SAME DAY. The windows are in too, the basic structure was up and finished, amazing.

I took this one too, aren't the carpenters trousers so cool? They are supposed to be more comfortable for working in, although when I asked my hubby why they wear them he told me it is because they do a lot of work on high buildings or roofs of houses so it they fall off their trousers act like a parachute!


  1. Those are so ghoulish cool!! Bet your little one just loved them.:-)
    I have 2 questions. I saw that you have made some 3-part cards. Actually, I checked them out on Flickr but couldn't find a way to print them. So, my questions are:-
    1. How did you create the 3-part cards? What program did you use?
    2. How can I print from Flickr?
    I am helping some moms create some needed material Montessori style and have the images I need but not quite sure how best to turn them into 3-part cards.

    Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Phebe,
    I use Photoshop to make the cards, I made a template first, now i just drop new pictures/text into the template (once it has been resized etc).

    to print/download...

    Click on the file picture you want, above the picture should be 'all sizes' click on that.
    Above the picture it should say 'download the medium size' you could use this but for better quality pictures click on the 'original' size and then download it.
    You should have the jpg file on you computer to print out as you like.....fingers crossed.


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