Monday 11 May 2009

MTD brought to you by the Mr Men

This weeks theme was children's literature and since Ebi-kun is quite enjoying the Mr Men I thought it would be a fun theme to do.
So in the middle we have Mr Tickle who is tickling Mr Chatterbox to the left (who has been out in the sun hence been so dark) and Mr Bump. Below Mr. Bump we have Mr Messy, one of my favourite characters and the other one at the bottom is Mr Happy, just above Mr Tickle is Mr Small, can you see him hiding in the grass? Of course Mr Bounce bounced right out of the tin...

As I was coming up with this plan last night hubby asked me why i can't get a job and get paid for doing this? I wish! Do you want to pay me?


  1. I would gladly pay you to come to my house and make great things like that for my kids..... perhaps a whole birthday party! A pity you don't live a little closer...

  2. So cute!

    I'm with Jo, anytime you want a trip to Nagano I'd pay you for a bday party!

    What about a how to book? In English for collectors OS and Japanese for the local market?

    I might even know someone who'd do the translations for the price of a byline... ;P

  3. This is cute! I love it! I think the children's literature theme is a fun one. At least I know I had a good time with it! :-)

  4. i LOVE the mr. men and little ms. characters!!! what did you make them out of??

  5. Very cute muffin tin! My boys would love to eat that!

  6. Wow! You always seem to out do yourself! I LOVE Mr. Men! It's hard to pick which one is my favorite!

  7. she's right you know, you could do a great book about kids' stuff... your montessori ideas alone are wonderful.. tho' i feel like i need a place to start with the montessori stuff.. i've tried reading books, but they're often a bit... i don't know... not telling me how to encourage my kids to do the stuff
    speaking of which my daughter is having a cow right now... i had another idea too...
    will write later

  8. It's really true, ya know. you totally rock at MTMeals! This one of yours is my personal fav. I recently discovered the Mr. Men (and Women) book series. They are hysterical. I think there is a perfect one for every child. I like to give these as bday gifts.

    AWESOME tin. Consider yourself paid in compliments. ha.

  9. Very cool. You should get paid for it. Don't know how, but you should.

  10. Very cool. You should get paid for it. Don't know how, but you should.

  11. Cute! I have nori, but no punch yet...I keep meaning to get one.

  12. That is ADORABLE! You had some really amazing forthought to pick that series. It made for the cutest lunch ever!


  13. Wonderful idea and craft!
    What talent!
    I have given you an award that is well deserved.
    Here is the link:

  14. I love these books - what an artist you are!!!


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