Thursday 27 August 2009

Back to school bento

One thing I love about Japan is the bento boxes, so much cuter then sandwich lunches I used to take to school. Of course the Japanese have invented every possible cute thing to put in your lunch box too and although some bentos can be classed as works of art other, simple bentos can simply be jazzed up with the simple use of a few picks and cute dividers. How yummy do these look?
1. Fishy Fishy in a Brook...., 2. Rice noodle bento, 3. Sugarbunnies おにぎりパーティ - Onigiri Rice Ball Maker, 4. bento 56
If you are looking for cute bento/lunch box/MTD goodies I do sell packs of them, see this post for all the details. Anyone who orders a pack before September first will get a free nori punch in the pack too.

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