Friday 28 August 2009

Of Knights and Castles - Castle cards

So what started this obsession with knights and castles, it was actually these cards that I picked up when we were in the UK, I kept them for his birthday and have been a BIG hit. The set comes with a pile of cards, some of which are perforated so you simply fold and break apart. You end up with a set of over 100 cards including corner pieces and different sizes of wall pieces

To build your castle just slid the slits together, simple. The book comes with some basic building techniques and Ebi-kun sat and built a tower using the book and no help from me (apart from pushing the cards in so they were flush when he had finished). Or you can just go freestyle, like this one....

The downside of all this was that he only had one knight, so we got out the wooden dolls, after using the first lot I bought for the footie teams I ordered some more (from Gemmielou). So we spent a couple of hours carefully painting some knights and squires and a princess of course.

Here is Sir Ebi-kun and his squire, who looks like he has already been through a war or two :o)
of course, you need a princess locked in a tower too....

and then we had to make a siege tower (just noticed the typo on the picture lol) they weren't good at spelling in the olden days!

We can't wait to get some more of these cards so we can build BIGGER and BETTER castles.
PS. for those who are Harry Potter mad, they make a Hogwarts set too!

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