Friday 30 September 2011

New Skills Festival - with Teri

Teri of Giddy Giddy is one of my newer bloggy finds but as soon as I clicked through to her blog I was hooked and spent a good chunk of time going through her archives. Today is a paper craft and a cute one to boot, I am thinking these would be great for special Christmas cards....

What are DIY Snow Globe Postcards, you ask? Mailable art that will "SNOW" when shaken or flipped over.


This one is an invitation for Grandma to visit us! How can she resist this?


Kremlin in Winter.  The castle is a collage I created and the snow is iridescent plastic left over from a previous project  (the pink arrow thingie is the universal symbol for "TO ACTIVATE SNOW, SHAKE ME, FLIP ME, TURN ME OVER").



1. Supplies to gather:
- colorful card stock paper, transparent plastic film, scissors, glue or glue stick, tape or double stick tape, and your preference of fake snow (confetti, glitter, plastic snow, etc.) and xacto knife for adults only.
- Cut out an 8" x 6" piece of card stock that will be folded in half. Once folded, this size is a standard 4" x 6" postcard.
- On one side, cut out the dome shaped window with xacto knife. 
- Cut plastic film to be approximately 1/2 centimeter larger than the window itself. Tape down edges securely.
- Create or glue down snow globe backdrop as well as foreground image directly unto the opposite side of window.  Any medium would work as you can clearly see above. It can be a photograph, magazine picture, a child's drawing, collage, painting, etc!
- Place your choice of fake snow on top of artwork on in between the folds. (We used confetti, glitter, cut paper and plastic iridescent snow).  You will always need to put down more "Snow" than you think because some of the snow will tend to get stuck in the corners of the postcard so be generous here.
- Using glue or double sticky tape, fold and press down the two parts together. 
- You are done! They are ready to be mailed, but because they are heavier than the average postcard, they will require standard letter stamps as opposed to postcard stamps.
- I hope you love this project!
For more of my work please visit my blog and for cute children's clips and bags take a look in the shop.

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