Thursday 1 November 2012

A Ghoulish Feast fit for a Zombie King...

Last Halloween post for the year, promise! 
It is a tradition that I serve up something especially delicious revolting for Halloween dinner. I usually do a Halloween Muffin Tin Dinner but I decided this year to make use of the new punch bowl set.

Starting bottom left and going clockwise we have...

Frankenstein gloop
Zombie brain with fresh guts
Freshly harvested large intestines with flayed skin
Ground bones with crudities - yes, even Zombie Kings need their 5 a day
Pickled skeleton brain

No doubt you want to know what I really feed my son...
Frankenstein gloop -green smoothie made with spinach, mango, banana & kiwi
Zombie brain with fresh guts - Strawberry puree with a jelly (jello) brain
Freshly harvested large intestines with flayed skin - pasta in tomato sauce and parma ham
Ground bones with crudities - hummus with cucumber & carrot sticks
Pickled skeleton brain - hard boiled egg, I cracked the shell and left it in a pot of red water to get the effect.

See, pretty healthy after all!

We also carved a pumpkin, this is a big deal because there are no pumpkin patches to go and pick one here, some of the supermarkets sell them - at an extortionate price I may add. We dropped lucky, when we went to the zoo last week, they had a few for sale for ¥500.

We are beginners at all this, we never did pumpkin carving as a kid, we used swede if anything. I think having the proper tools would help, I had horrible visions of real severed fingers, thankfully we finished without a spot of blood spilt!

That is all the gruesome stuff out of the way, until next next year....

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