Saturday 29 March 2014

Time Is A Ticking…

A wee reminder.. the doors close very soon for registration to Clear The Clutter, the bootcamp was a big success and we had loads of greatly improved kitchens by the end of the week plus the video interviews went down a storm. If you didn't get chance to watch them you can sign up now, they will be available until the en dog the month Click HERE to sign up for the videos.

I had to share this from one of the bootcampers because it really made me smile too! Imagine if the whole house did that for you!

Bootcamp is pretty hardcore, the whole kitchen in one week is a big job which is why in Clear The Clutter we do it at a much slower and more doable pace. We tackle one room at a time and give it a really deep clean and de-clutter. Once you have that done it is SO much easier to maintain!

So, if you are interested in the program but you are not sure if it is for you or not, drop me a line or pop a question in the comments, tell me what is bothering you or what you are struggling with and I will give you an honest answer about whether the program is suited for you.

At a mere $129 for the year, that is 35cents a day - seriously, it's a steal for you to know you are going to get your house back in order and you back in control, goodbye to chaos stress and hello to the new de-clutter you and home!

Time to act, the doors close in a couple of days, sign up for registration HERE

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