Wednesday 16 April 2014

Being Location Independent…

One of my big goals is to have a completely location independent business, so that if we ever need to up and leave, we can and still have money coming in plus I want to be able to take long trips abroad and still be able to keep my biz ticking over.

It all started by changing my sewing patterns from paper to digital, I was bit nervous that people wouldn't want to buy digital patterns but how wrong I was, they soon started outselling the paper ones, it wasn't as hard as I though it would be! Although I don't do much advertising with the patterns these days, I sell them through Etsy and Craftsy and still making money every week from them which is rather nice!

My Organized Chaos is my main biz now and both the MOC course and Clear The Clutter are set up in a way that I can work on them from anywhere and that people from anywhere can join. I love that the courses are so international and I'm sure it makes it more interesting for the members because they are constantly learning new things about other countries way of doing things.

Another great thing is that we have a number of cool artisan cafes dotted about, all within biking distance, so I can go and work out of the house too. Working from home is great - no commuter trains for starters but it can feel a bit stagnant being stuck in the same place, so I like to go and work out and about at least once a week.

This cafe is my current favourite haunt, they have a simple menu of 4 different lunch dishes which they change each month, and a couple of sandwiches and they make their own pasta and bread. The food is top notch. They also roast their own beans, so the coffee is lovely too! 

The chef had come up with a new type of dessert the other day, asked me to sample it and name it! I am useless at names but it was a nice gesture!

Going out somewhere to work also means getting some fresh air, it is so easy to just stay in all day, doesn't feed the mind of the soul. Luckily my hay fever hasn't been too bad this year and the weather has been gorgeous, the change from winter to spring always happens so fast here. I must admit, it is very pretty come spring time…

So, I have the second Montessori Inspired book in the works and a small book on the go too, plus My Organized Chaos course is getting a make-over! Watch this space for more exciting things to come…

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