Tuesday 16 September 2014

Are you keeping up..

With the challenges?

Day 5 of the My Organized Chaos challenge is Decadence! How often to you treat your kids but not yourself? Today it's time for a mini upgrade, treat yourself to a posher bottle of wine or fancier chocolate, whatever your mama pleasure is. Instead of the economy class version, choice business class - savour it and enjoy it. I've been saving this bar of chocolate from the award winning @welovechocolate

Day 6 of the challenge is Take A Bath. A quick hop in and out of the shower gets you clean but we need time to rewind too. Nothing beats a long soak in the bath, add some bubbles, light some candles, maybe even a glass of wine...

Day 7 of the challenge is Talk A Walk! Explore a bit, use a new route or have a wander around the neighbourhood, you never know what hidden treats you might find. Fill your lungs with fresh air, feel the weather on your skin, listen to every sound, take time to look around.

Day 8 of the challenge is Do Your Hair! So easy to fall into the 2 second mama ponytail trick, you deserve more, your hair deserves more! So today, style it differently, give it some love, a deep condition maybe. Or if you have been putting off that hair appointment for some crap reason, BOOK it today.

Day 9 of the challenge is Love Your Purse! Feel embarrassed when you take your purse/wallet out to pay for something? Time to fix that, take everything out, give it a clean and only put the things back in that you really need (ditch all those store cards you never use). Show your purse some love and it will love you - lesson learned from the lovely @deniseDT

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The challenge is running in conjunction with the free training series for busy mamas, pop your name in the box below and you will learn so easy to apply tips to get your life more organized and back on track...

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